Your Health Matters More

I am always surprised at how quickly we overlook the importance of our personal health. You might read this and say “You’re crazy, I work out everyday, so I’m not overlooking my health Brandon!”

But what about the times in between workouts; when you’re out in the real world and no one is watching, or at least no one who will tell your Coach on you?😉

The holidays come around and we start spending money on presents for all those we care about. Don’t get me wrong, gifts and giving are great, but at what expense do they come? How quickly the gym membership gets cut when we “need to save money.” 

Gallup reports that US adults estimate that they will spend approximately $885 on gifts this year, slightly lower than 2017’s expectations. 😮💰

We willingly take on more work hours and clog our schedules with task after task that we do not have any “me time.” You realize you haven’t made it to the gym in 2 weeks and looking at your schedule you don’t see any end in sight…cancel that gym membership, and you won’t feel guilty?

Make time for yourself. Can’t make it to the gym? Ask us about personal training to fit your schedule!

Now you find yourself trying to save money and waaaay too busy to meal prep. Might as well swing through the ole drive-thru for a #1 combo, right? Fast forward a month and now you have packed on a few extra pounds, depressed because you eat like crap, don’t have time for anything, and every time you log onto IG and FB you see all your friends crushing PR’s at @crossfittfa !😩 

Food is number 1. Planning and prepping can be tough, luckily you have your TFA Coaches to help you figure it out!

Ok…ok…maybe I’m being extreme, but honesty ask yourself “where am I putting my health second?” Is it in your budget? Is it in your time? Is it in your food choices? 

A good fitness program focuses on physical, emotional, and nutritional health.  And while it may seem like you’re just going into a class and doing exercise, we know there is so much more happening at the cellular and hormonal levels that impact our overall health. Each class our goal is to get you moving, feeling confident, and connected. Getting strong and ripped are just two of the sweet side-effects! 💪🏼

So often we overlook our health…until we end up gaining weight…until we end up depressed…until we get that negative health report…until we realize how it truly impacts every other aspect of our life. 

My hope is that you read this and re-evaluate your behaviors. See where you are doing great, and see where you can improve. I hope you realize YOU are ultimately much more important than any gift, overtime paycheck, or cheap processed food you can find. Put your health at the top of list!

PR with your friends. Give them the gift they want! #TRUEFAM


1. Set a limit on your holiday spending to help your budget. The average American spends over $800 on gifts, wow! We all outgrow most gifts anyway, except for FITNESS! Buy your loved one a Bootcamp package or a month membership at TFA. A new #neversettle hoodie I bet they would love too (if it’s in your budget😉). 

2. Working more and trying to earn more money isn’t a bad thing, until it is. If you keep finding yourself stressed and saying, “I have no time to get to the gym,” look your schedule and try to find an hour here or there. TFA has classes from early morning until evening. Still nothing fitting your schedule? We do personal training for as low as $25! We got you covered!

3. Food is the toughest to master. We live in a fast paced immediate reward driven society. Having to cook and prep your own food can seem daunting when you can just drive-thru right now. But there is no other factor more important to your health and wellness than your food choices. TFA’s Coaches are experienced working with all levels of nutrition and can get you on the right track no matter your goals or food preferences. 

We here at TrueFIT would love to help you improve any aspect of health/fitness. Whether you’re a long time member or just curious on how to get started with the #TRUEFAM, we are here and ready!🔥

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