I couldn’t sleep last night. I’m anxious. I don’t like a lot of change at once…but that’s what I am forced to accept. We aren’t sure when the mandate will be lifted. We aren’t sure what other mandates could be coming. There is so much uncertainty and instability right now I worry some people cannot cope.

No one wants to get sick. No one wants to get someone else sick.

Those two statements are affecting us all and have all of us forced to change our daily lives. While life feels like something out of a movie right now, let’s take a second to love the family we have, the house live in, the food we eat, and the amazing community of friends we have. Don’t just think about it, verbally acknowledge it. Call your family, text your friends, and while that may sound crazy right now, I truly believe positivity is so important right now.

We are community and a family so we support each other through everything. If you are going to need ANYTHING please please please email us so we can get what you need. There are so many incredible people here inside the #TRUEFAM willing to help. There will be no judgement, shame,or questions just swift action and love!


So…I’m anxious, but also eager to get to work. I’m excited for this challenge to bring health and fitness to you. I know things will be different and we will fail in some areas, but I also know we will learn and improve. As I’m writing this I have so many ideas and energy I can’t sit still. This reminds me of when Jim and I started TrueFIT. We had to be creative and we had to be ever evolving. I know that is just what we will do.

If there’s ever a people able to get through this it’s us, CrossFitters. This is what we train for! The unknown and unknowable. We know how to fuel our bodies properly. We know how to move our bodies properly. We know how and when to push ourself beyond what’s conceivable. We know how to take care of our body so we can do that again and again.

We are going to grow from this. We will come back a stronger more confident person. Our community will be even closer!

#TRUEFAM let’s get creative. Be vocal. Be proactive. Reach out…to everyone. Staying connected will be vital during this time. If you need something, email us. Stay active! DO NOT STOP MOVING! Focus on nutrition even more (check out the latest challenge). Be on the look out for park/public WOD’s. We will continue to bring you the best health and fitness coaching in the greatest atmosphere we can provide. All Love!



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