Bill McCarthy

"The family environment"

Bill McCarthy

Favorite movement or WOD? I really enjoy rowing and weight lifting.

What brought you into TFA? I heard about Truefit from people at LCC. They were talking about it all the time. I contacted TFA through the website and then joined bootcamp 3/15/2017. I love to eat and before I started working out at TFA, I ate a lot especially buffets. I love Chinese food and I loved donuts and coke zero and had them everyday before joining TrueFIT.

Why do you train at TFA? I really enjoy the family environment that is there and the new friends that I have made and the training that I get to be able to do the movements correctly. The coaches are great Brandon and Zach have been really encouraging and very committed to my success as well as the other athlete’s. I love the fact that I have been able to lose well over 50 lbs. I have been able to complete things that I never completed before like box jumps, sit ups, and rx wods that I never did before. I struggling for years with self-confidence and being apart of TrueFit has made me feel more confident then I ever have and this is thanks to the coaches and the other people that I work out with. Thank you.

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