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  • The family environment

    Favorite movement or WOD? I really enjoy rowing and weight lifting. What brought you into TFA? I heard about Truefit from people at LCC. They were talki...

    Bill McCarthy

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    Bill McCarthys success story
  • Work Hard

    I started my fitness journey because I had dreams of one day running in obstacle course races, 5ks, and being an all-around bad ass. I was tired of...

    Chrissy Kittle

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    Chrissy Kittles success story
  • I can do anything

    Shannonn Nash went from shy and intimidated to BADASS! #CFTFA All of these women are me. The top two photos are of me “Then”. Then I was seeking comfor...

    Shannon Nash

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    Shannon Nashs success story


Scroll down to see our timeline to get you from today to the future healthier, happier you.

Day 1: You Take The First Step

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Today is the day you take the first step. You schedule your Free Intro.

Schedule My Free Intro!


Day 2: Meet A Coach To Talk Your Goals

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Meet with one of our world-class coaches to discuss goals and programs.

Meet Your Coach Tomorrow


Day 3: Find A Plan That Suits You

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We offer a variety of plans to meet your needs and your goals. One of our coaches will help you select the plan that works best for.

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Day 4: Together we start the journey to a happier, healthier you.

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We help you learn the fundamentals of being fit. Our community helps keep you accountable and supports you as you start your journey to a happier, healthier you!


Day 30: A Healthier, Happier You

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Congratulations, you’ve been with TrueFIT Athletics for 30 days and it’s been a great 30 days. You’ve already completed a couple of your fitness goals!

Start Towards Your Day 30 Now!


Day 45: Ahhhmazing YOU

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Congratulations on doing great work and investing in your long-term fitness goals. It’s not easy, but you’re accomplishing a lot already, so keep the ahhmazing effort (and good times) rolling.

Start Day 1 TODAY


Day 60: 60 Days Of Fitness

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By coming to class you’ve learned to do things you’ve never thought you could.

We want to celebrate YOU — reaching your milestones, pushing toward your potential, achieving a PR (personal record), and so much more!

Start Day 1 TODAY