CrossFit WOD, November 20, 2018



I. Coach led Ski technique
-reaching high
-arms bent 90
-flex the abs and "hop/jump" down
-"pull yourself through the poles"
II. 3 Rounds with progressing intensity
.2 Bike
100m Row
100m Ski

Metcon (Time)
2 mile Bike
Metcon (Time)
1600m Row
Metcon (Time)
1600m Ski

Scaling: typicially we train short quick intervals; today we train medium-long interval efforts, which is a great challenge to our endurance. A couple weeks ago we did a run/row wod that is similar in structure of todays. Score each section individually (a- bike/b-row/c- ski). If needed, decrease the distance of each task so that each effort can be completed around 6-8 minutes. Rest as needed between efforts.

Thanksgiving Schedule
11/22: 9am only
11/23: 430pm Shred and 530pm CrossFit only
11/24: 8am TFA Thanksgiving Football @ Rising Park

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