CrossFit WOD, January 3, 2019

Split Jerk x3Inspiration”Today’s Accomplishments Were Yesterday’s Impossibilities.”
-Robert H. SchullerWarm-upWarm-upI. Heartrate:
Game Day

II. Specific:
mark your catch position footwork then 2 rounds of
10 jump lands (stand then land in split position)
10 Presses from catch position (split)
10 Split Jerks
*1st round w PVC
2nd round w empty barbell

III. Skill/Strength:
begin warming up and dialing in technique with light weightWeightliftingSplit Jerk (3-3-3-3-3-3-3)Scaling: all athletes can attempt split-jerk triples. Beginning athletes should spend plenty of time drilling the movement before adding weight.Optional Accessory WorkA. Close Grip Bench Press 10-10-10
B. DB Bent Over Row 12-12-12 each arm

“Our focus here is to improve specific movement (skill) or build/tone muscle (hypertrophy/strength) and always optional. Accessory work doesn’t need to be a separate program from our training. It should fit with what we do and our goals. The biggest reasons for performing these sections would be to eliminate any muscular imbalance, as well as perform exercises that will improve the other ” bigger picture” aspects of our training/goals. These sections are NOT metcons, but rather drills that will help improve movements, build muscle, and decrease injuries. These sections should be completed after the WOD once you have recovered but are still “warm.” Sometimes the work will be practicing a movement for a designated amount of time, other days you will have specific sets x reps. We all cant spend multiple hours at the gym (I know that sucks) so these sections can be completed under 15 minutes but are focused in conjunction with our daily programming to improve all areas of our training; strength, speed, power, stamina, endurance, flexibility, accuracy, balance, coordination, and agility. Don’t have time to fit it in, don’t stress over it. As always if you have any questions ask a Coach.News*Saturday January 5th at 12pm TFA Bootcamp Meet and Greet. Tell your friends so they can start their fitness journey with TFA!
*Monday January 7th 5:30pm and 6:30pm TFA Bootcamp 2019 begins!
*January 18th @ 7pm at Ale House- TFA Member Appreciation Party

TFA Bootcamp 2019 season begins Monday the 7th! Meet and Greet this Saturday at 12pm!

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