CrossFit WOD, January 25, 2019

Clean and Jerk for 20

"Without commitment, nothing happens."
-T.D. Jakes

I. Heartrate

II. Specific
1 round w empty barbell
5 Pocket Cleans
5 Split Jerks
5 Hang Cleans (at knee)
5 Split Jerks
5 Full Cleans (squat)
5 Split Jerks

III. Skill/Strength
5 minutes to progress to starting weight and gather your weights you will use in the EMOM

Clean and Jerk (20 minute EMOM 1 Clean and Jerk)
Scaling: start light and slowly add weight across each set., building to a PR attempt in the last few sets. Those who are new to the technique can add a few reps each set to practice a little more, but still should build to a set that is challenging.

Optional Accessory Work
Dumbbell Overhead Squat 5-5-5 (each arm)

The Open is for Everyone!

We are excited to be announcing the details on our TFA Intramural Open 2019. Friday February 1st at 6:30pm is Draft Night! Make sure you get signed up for the Open so we can get you on a team and get your shirts ordered 🙂
This year our team captains are none other than: Katie Schenk, Chrissy Kittle, Alex Craine, and Josh Creighton!

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