CrossFit WOD, January 24, 2019

Grunt Force

Did we mention bacon?

I. Heartrate
Game Day

II. Specific
5-10 minutes to review and practice todays movements

Metcon (Weight)
In 25 minutes find a max for each:
A) 100ft Sled Drag (50ft forward 50ft reverse drag)
*21/15 Calories after each attempt
B) 50ft Farmers Carry
*30 second L-sit after each set
*score total weight (sled + both sides of farmers)

Scaling: keep the weight light/moderate if needed and use the 25 minutes to practice the movements and move at a moderate pace. Scale the calories to a number you can complete under 45 seconds. Modify the L-sit to a level you can complete unbroken or in 1-2 sets.

Optional Accessory Work
spend 10-15 minutes ROMWODing, stretching, or rolling. Focus on sore/tight areas. Review the Mobility WOD posters or ask a Coach for specific drills.

The Open is for Everyone!

We are excited to be announcing the details on our TFA Intramural Open 2019. Friday February 1st at 6:30pm is Draft Night! Make sure you get signed up for the Open so we can get you on a team and get your shirts ordered 🙂
This year our team captains are none other than: Katie Schenk, Chrissy Kittle, Alex Craine, and Josh Creighton!

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