Athlete Highlight: Emily Sullivan

Name: Emily Sullivan

Age: 24

Occupation: Dietitian

What brought you to TFA?

I learned about CrossFit in high school from the Custer family and we did a couple small CrossFit workouts after basketball practice. I loved how hard it would work me in such a small period of time. I tried TFA out the summer before I went to college and came back after I graduated.

How has TFA changed your life?

I was never someone who used weights consistently, so TrueFit has helped me get stronger and tone up. I am overall better at all other activities that I like to do (swim, run, bike, hike) because I have more strength. Toning up and being stronger makes me more confident in life which is a huge game changer. My physique changed a lot when I started TFA and im a lot more confident now that I have some muscle. TFA has reminded me the value in group workouts because I always push harder to complete the work out with a better time or more reps when someone is beside me. Also, having coaches always watching to make sure we have good form and do not slack off makes me really appreciate group workouts. TFA athletes are lucky to have the one on one access to coaches. I learn about form and recovery daily when other gyms do not offer that individuality. Lastly, I have met my best friends at TFA. The environment is unmatched.

What goals have you accomplished since being at TFA?

I have learned how to do kipping pullups and string them together, learned how to do a snatch, double unders, triceps pushups, and wall handstand. Also Lindsey, Annie and I took 3rd place at the Granite Games this year.

What are your current goals?

String together toes to bar, beat Mike in all workouts 😊

How many days per week do you workout?  6-7days

What do you enjoy outside of the gym?

Reading and anything outside in the sunshine.

If you could meet anyone, ever, who would it be and why?

I would meet Jonah from the Bible because he got swallowed by a whale and I really need to talk to him about that.

What’s your best story about the gym?

I was doing a burpee on the matts and my belly button ring got caught in between 2 black matts when I was jumping up. That was memorable and painful.

Mandy and I ran 3 miles in the gym just running back and forth inside while it rained before shred a couple of times.

The granite games being held at TFA this year was a great memory.

What advice would you give to the person you were when you started?

Work to get higher weight!

Athlete Interview: Lindsey James


Name: Lindsey James

Age: 32

Occupation: RN

What brought you to TFA? I had been being HARASSED by Kayla Kunkler for months about coming to the gym. I didn’t want to come because I had heard of drama at other gyms in town and didn’t want to be a part of that. I finally caved and went to TFA with Kayla and did an absolutely horrible workout ( a ladder of wall balls and burpees) and loved it. The people I met were so nice!

How has TFA changed your life? Not only do I actually know how to workout now, but I have met some friends that I will have forever. These are people that I would have never otherwise met and can relate to about things besides the gym.

What goals have you accomplished since being at TFA? I don’t know that there is a specific movement, although I never thought I would get double unders! I think the biggest goal is just being comfortable working out! I have learned the movements, and if they are wrong, there are supportive people there to help!

What are your current goals? Gymnastics movements have never been a strength of mine, so I will say that most of those are my goals. I hope to get HSPU someday, and slowly but surely get better at pull-ups!

How many days per week do you workout? I try to go 3-4 days a week. Any day I am not at work, I try to get to the gym!

What is 1 food/meal you could eat for the rest of your life? Chocolateeeeee!!! I have a major sweet tooth. So if anyone is wondering why after 5ish years of doing CrossFit why I don’t have a rockin’ body, that’s why 🤣

What do you enjoy outside of the gym? I’m really enjoying my new neighborhood and home. Decorating my house, Lucas and I walking the dog around town and riding bikes. I also love my work family and enjoy spending time with them outside of work! And of course spending time with my other friends and family! 💕

If you could meet anyone, ever, who would it be and why?
Maya Angelou. She had the most soothing voice, and was such a wise woman. Just reading her most popular quotes make you understand how strong and tough of a woman she was. She didn’t put up with anyone’s crap, and told it how it was! “Nothing will work unless you do”

What has been the biggest thing you have overcome? I wouldn’t say I have overcome it yet, because I’m still learning how to do it everyday, but I would say being a single mom. I haven’t always made the best decisions for Lucas and I, but am finding more courage to work my ass off and fight whoever stands in our way to give him and myself both the life we deserve.

What’s your best story about this gym? I’m not sure that a certain story comes to mind. But I do know that the friends that I have met at the gym are my family. We support each other and talk almost daily about what’s going on in our lives. Some may call it gossiping, but that group of girls will always have my back, and I will have theirs. Those girls and our friendship is the best story! 💕💕💕👯‍♀️👯‍♀️👯‍♀️

What advice would you give to the person you were when you started?
I would tell myself to not get so discouraged. There were some classes, mostly classes that involved snatches 🙄, that I just wanted to leave and cry. It’s definitely not a movement that you can learn in one class, or even a month of classes! You just have got to stick with it and not think that the coaches are picking on you, they are helping you!

Athlete Highlight: Molly Harper

Tell us your TFA story…
What brought you in? Amelia invited me one day when I was volunteering at church. I was complaining about how boring my gym was, and she said I should try it. I told her I would have to lose some weight before I came!
When did you know you loved it? Day 1

It can turn a crappy day into a great one. I love the community, the coaches, and the competition!

Molly Harper
Molly before she started at TFA.
Present day Molly with her husband Mick.
Super strong! Nice Deadlift!
Power Cleans…her favorite!

Name: Molly Harper

Age: 35

Occupation: Office Director at The Tree Church

Favorite lift: Power Clean

Favorite WOD: Grace or Filthy Fifty

What was the last WOD you cherry picked? Two Fridays ago- 14 cal row and 15 burpee emom, hard pass

How much weight have you lost? Honestly, only about 15 pounds, but my body comp is a little different .
What all can you do now that you couldn’t before you started? Ha! This is a long list!

What do you enjoy outside of the gym? Hanging out with my family and eating ice cream on the weekends

What did you want to be when you were 10 years old? Preschool Teacher . . Yikes

How has TFA improved your life? It can turn a crappy day into a great one. I love the community, the coaches, and the competition! There is something really satisfying about that stupid gold badge by your name when you get a PR!

One thing you’d say to someone thinking about starting CrossFit? Just try it, and don’t quit just because you’re sore!

Molly loves to lift! There just isn’t enough collar space for all her weights 😉
Molly once won a TFA gym challenge involving Farmers Carries!
The High Fives and Hugs after a tough WOD.
Heavy Weights & Fast Runs!

Athlete Highlight: Jarrod Turnbull

Left: Before CrossFit TFA Right: Jarrod Now!

“Training at TFA gives me the confidence and energy I need to tackle my life and job.”

Name: Jarrod Turnbull

Age: 19

What do you do for a living?: Support Instructor for Childrens Theatre and Freelance Actor/Singer

What else do you enjoy?: I really enjoy working outside, hiking, cooking and playing the piano.

3 things on your bucket list? Work in another country. Work on a National Touing Production. Do a hero wod with a vest.

What brought you into TFA? I was really tired of always having no energy and no self confidence. I hated going out with friends when it involved anything remotely physical and I was always tired.

How long have you been at TFA? Two years this August.

Why do you train with TFA? I train at TFA becasue of the people and the atmosphere. If you would have told me two years ago that I would compete in a competition, love running and that my health would be a top priority I would have told you that you were nuts. Training at TFA has made me a more prouductive, confident and overall happier person. As soon as I walk into TFA all the negitive feelings and baggage that I may be carrying that day would in an instant melt away.

Training at TFA gives me the confidence and energy I need to tackle my life and job.

“If you would have told me two years ago that I would compete in a competition, love running and that my health would be a top priority I would have told you that you were nuts.”

Jarrod before starting CrossFit.
Sing, Act, Rope Climbs and Muscle Ups…he does it all!
Cleaning machine!

Athlete Highlight: Noah Inboden

Dude is a beast!

Noah is just 16 years old but shows extreme dedication not only to CrossFit but to multiple sports. Its not uncommon to find him at a 5:45am session. Or at a 6:30pm session after wrestling practice. His commitment and drive inspired me, so I had to sit down and figure out how, at 16 years old, Noah is able to show a level of leadership and consistency that rivals adults double his age.

Name: Noah Inboden

Age: 16

Besides crushing WODs what else do you do? I wrestle and do track.

Noah is a multi-sport athlete.

Noah before starting at TFA.

What is your favorite movements? Bar and ring muscle up. “Cindy” 20 minute AMRAP of 5 Pull-ups 10 Push-ups 15 Squats is my favorite WOD.

What has been the biggest changes in yourself you have noticed since starting CrossFit?  During wrestling I have noticed that my cardio has gotten significantly better and so has my strength.

Describe your typical day? Wake up and go to school, right after school I have wrestling practice. After wrestling practice I go home , clean up, grab a snack and depending on what time we got out of practice I go to one of the CrossFit classes. Get home and repeat. If I’m not at one of the classes then I’m most likely at a second wrestling practice, tournament or meet.

What helps you stay committed/focused? What helps me stay focused is thinking about winning that state title, I’d like to wrestle in college so I need to put in the work and effort so I can get the chance to compete at a higher level.

Noah’s goal is to win the state title.

You win the lottery of $10,000,000 what are you buying? Be specific. If won 10 million dollars, before I do anything I’d put half of it back to put into stocks, investments, IRA’s, and real estate. Just so I don’t spend it all and have another source of income. Then I would buy a nice new car because I love cars. I would also like to take some of that money and buy my own CrossFit gym. I would love to run my own someday. Some of it would also be going into college expenses, I would really like to be able to get a scholarship for Wrestling but if I didn’t or if it was partial, that money would pay for the rest.

All smiles!

Athlete Highlight: Mike Burkhardt

Name: Michael Burkhardt
Age:  51
Job: I’m a lieutenant at Noble Correctional Inst.

What are some of you Favorite movements or WOD’s?

Cindy (WOD), 
, C2B, 
Starting to like snatches, 
Any longer/chipper type stuff

Tell us about yourself:

Father of 6

Grandfather of 5

Thursday (12/20) I will be married 1 year.

I love to help my wife at her salons with up keep …
Double up days at the gym.

What has been some of the biggest changes since starting CrossFit?

Starting CrossFit has changed my mental mindset . My motor is 100% different. I have lost 42lbs.

Describe a typical day for you?

On Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays I go to 5:45am and do the WOD. Grab a coffee and run errands and upkeep work that is needed. Then I go back to TFA for a double up with anyone willing to crush me.
Hang out with my wife. Watching Dateline (love the murder mystery ones). On Thursdays,  Fridays, and Saturdays Get up at 1am drive to prison, Work 14, Drive home repeat !!!

What has helped you stay focused/committed?

Staying focused has become easier as the results have become more noticeable. I like to compete out of the corner of my eye. But competition with myself has motivated me. And can’t lie, trying to compare my score to someone half my age motivates me. I would honestly say believing in the entire process. Actually trying to understand the rhyme and reason for what we do here. Surrounding myself with some great people here has been huge. “Marathon not a sprint!!”

You win the lottery of $10,000,000, what are you going to do with it Mike?

1- Paying off all my wife’s salons and paying for any up keep that needs done to better her businesses

2- Paying off ALL of our debt

3- Putting money in a savings for every one of our kids and grandkids.

4- Buy me and the wife the exact vehicle we want.