Athlete Highlight: Noah Inboden

Dude is a beast!

Noah is just 16 years old but shows extreme dedication not only to CrossFit but to multiple sports. Its not uncommon to find him at a 5:45am session. Or at a 6:30pm session after wrestling practice. His commitment and drive inspired me, so I had to sit down and figure out how, at 16 years old, Noah is able to show a level of leadership and consistency that rivals adults double his age.

Name: Noah Inboden

Age: 16

Besides crushing WODs what else do you do? I wrestle and do track.

Noah is a multi-sport athlete.
Noah before starting at TFA.

What is your favorite movements? Bar and ring muscle up. “Cindy” 20 minute AMRAP of 5 Pull-ups 10 Push-ups 15 Squats is my favorite WOD.

What has been the biggest changes in yourself you have noticed since starting CrossFit?  During wrestling I have noticed that my cardio has gotten significantly better and so has my strength.

Describe your typical day? Wake up and go to school, right after school I have wrestling practice. After wrestling practice I go home , clean up, grab a snack and depending on what time we got out of practice I go to one of the CrossFit classes. Get home and repeat. If I’m not at one of the classes then I’m most likely at a second wrestling practice, tournament or meet.

What helps you stay committed/focused? What helps me stay focused is thinking about winning that state title, I’d like to wrestle in college so I need to put in the work and effort so I can get the chance to compete at a higher level.

Noah’s goal is to win the state title.

You win the lottery of $10,000,000 what are you buying? Be specific. If won 10 million dollars, before I do anything I’d put half of it back to put into stocks, investments, IRA’s, and real estate. Just so I don’t spend it all and have another source of income. Then I would buy a nice new car because I love cars. I would also like to take some of that money and buy my own CrossFit gym. I would love to run my own someday. Some of it would also be going into college expenses, I would really like to be able to get a scholarship for Wrestling but if I didn’t or if it was partial, that money would pay for the rest.

All smiles!

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