Athlete Highlight: Noah Inboden

Dude is a beast!

Noah is just 16 years old but shows extreme dedication not only to CrossFit but to multiple sports. Its not uncommon to find him at a 5:45am session. Or at a 6:30pm session after wrestling practice. His commitment and drive inspired me, so I had to sit down and figure out how, at 16 years old, Noah is able to show a level of leadership and consistency that rivals adults double his age.

Name: Noah Inboden

Age: 16

Besides crushing WODs what else do you do? I wrestle and do track.

Noah is a multi-sport athlete.
Noah before starting at TFA.

What is your favorite movements? Bar and ring muscle up. “Cindy” 20 minute AMRAP of 5 Pull-ups 10 Push-ups 15 Squats is my favorite WOD.

What has been the biggest changes in yourself you have noticed since starting CrossFit?  During wrestling I have noticed that my cardio has gotten significantly better and so has my strength.

Describe your typical day? Wake up and go to school, right after school I have wrestling practice. After wrestling practice I go home , clean up, grab a snack and depending on what time we got out of practice I go to one of the CrossFit classes. Get home and repeat. If I’m not at one of the classes then I’m most likely at a second wrestling practice, tournament or meet.

What helps you stay committed/focused? What helps me stay focused is thinking about winning that state title, I’d like to wrestle in college so I need to put in the work and effort so I can get the chance to compete at a higher level.

Noah’s goal is to win the state title.

You win the lottery of $10,000,000 what are you buying? Be specific. If won 10 million dollars, before I do anything I’d put half of it back to put into stocks, investments, IRA’s, and real estate. Just so I don’t spend it all and have another source of income. Then I would buy a nice new car because I love cars. I would also like to take some of that money and buy my own CrossFit gym. I would love to run my own someday. Some of it would also be going into college expenses, I would really like to be able to get a scholarship for Wrestling but if I didn’t or if it was partial, that money would pay for the rest.

All smiles!

Athlete Highlight: Mike Burkhardt

Name: Michael Burkhardt
Age:  51
Job: I’m a lieutenant at Noble Correctional Inst.

What are some of you Favorite movements or WOD’s?

Cindy (WOD), 
, C2B, 
Starting to like snatches, 
Any longer/chipper type stuff

Tell us about yourself:

Father of 6

Grandfather of 5

Thursday (12/20) I will be married 1 year.

I love to help my wife at her salons with up keep …
Double up days at the gym.

What has been some of the biggest changes since starting CrossFit?

Starting CrossFit has changed my mental mindset . My motor is 100% different. I have lost 42lbs.

Describe a typical day for you?

On Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays I go to 5:45am and do the WOD. Grab a coffee and run errands and upkeep work that is needed. Then I go back to TFA for a double up with anyone willing to crush me.
Hang out with my wife. Watching Dateline (love the murder mystery ones). On Thursdays,  Fridays, and Saturdays Get up at 1am drive to prison, Work 14, Drive home repeat !!!

What has helped you stay focused/committed?

Staying focused has become easier as the results have become more noticeable. I like to compete out of the corner of my eye. But competition with myself has motivated me. And can’t lie, trying to compare my score to someone half my age motivates me. I would honestly say believing in the entire process. Actually trying to understand the rhyme and reason for what we do here. Surrounding myself with some great people here has been huge. “Marathon not a sprint!!”

You win the lottery of $10,000,000, what are you going to do with it Mike?

1- Paying off all my wife’s salons and paying for any up keep that needs done to better her businesses

2- Paying off ALL of our debt

3- Putting money in a savings for every one of our kids and grandkids.

4- Buy me and the wife the exact vehicle we want.